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IL 1831


Website Design : Simon Potter & Kevin CramptonThe 25th Anniversary of the inauguration of our Society fell on Monday 29th September 2003.

By way of celebration, we decided to make a day of it on Saturday 27th September.

Special invitations were sent out to everyone we could think of who had been involved over the years in the restoration and the continuing maintenance of Jill.

So many people have helped us in so many ways to make Jill what she is today - a traditional Sussex corn windmill lovingly restored to working order by dedicated volunteers.

Speeches were given by Michael Hoddell [our President] and by Peter Hill [Chairman of Sussex Mills Group].


Aerial View of Jill Mill

Founder Members

The event was recorded with a photograph of those Founder Members in attendance

One major milestone in our project was achieved on 10th May 1986, when Jill Windmill ground flour again for the first time in eighty years.


First flour for eighty years - 10th May 1986 : Photo Danny Jarmann
Simon Potter, Martin Brunnarius and Michael Peat