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Our Society's "Alternative Power" event was held each Summer from 1989 to 2007.

Surrounding Jill Windmill were a selection of vintage stationary engines driving various items of equipment relating to the milling process.

The aim of the event was to show differing sources of power, and in particular, stationary engines, which ultimately put most windmills out of business.

Jill Windmill and Oakapple Mill
Jill Windmill with Ernie Goodman's "Oakapple Mill" in the foreground

Although the wind is a free source of power, traditional windmills could not complete with stationary engines. These engines could work when the wind did not blow, they could run a variety of machines and were often located (as needed) on the farm, rather than on remote, exposed hill tops.


Jill Windmill is normally open to visitors on most Sundays from May to September

Alternative Power Event


Click here for photographs of our Alternative Power event