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Derbyshire Peak Millstone

jill windmill

jill windmill

samson head


Derbyshire Peak Millstone

IL 1831

Website Design : Simon Potter & Kevin Crampton
Website Design : Simon Potter & Kevin Crampton

This Virtual Tour of Jill Windmill briefly describes the milling process from grain to stoneground wholegrain flour, as well as the design of a traditional 19th Century Sussex Post Mill.


Grain Sack in the Roundhouse The grain storage bins are located at the top of the windmill.

The sackhoist chain is placed around the neck of the sack.

Here we see the sack on the floor of the Roundhouse.

Sack hoist

Sack passing through the Spout Floor trap door The sackhoist raises the grain a distance of over forty feet from the Roundhouse to the Bin Floor.

The trap doors at Spout Floor level open as the sack reaches them and close when the sack has passed through.

Sack passing the Tailwheel At Stone Floor level the sack is directed away from the Tailwheel by a wooden roller.

The rope seen here to the right of the sack, which engages the sach hoist drive, runs the whole height of the mill.

Traditionally a full sack of grain would weigh around 2½ cwt [130 kg].

ArrowClick on the steps to go up to the Bin Floor.
www.jillwindmill.org.uk The floors

Most of the photographs in this virtual tour were taken by Roy Vass and John Freeman

Grain Sack in the Roundhouse

Sack having passed through trap door


Text by Simon Potter and Roy Vass

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